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tale-as-old-as-balls asked:
I hate to bother you and I'm sure you're fielding a lot of these notes but I wanted to inquire about your etsy store. I know you're closed at the moment but I was wondering if you were opening anytime in the not so distant future? I work as a housekeeper so my nails are in a constant state of disrepair and I'm attending a Harry Potter event in Chicago in August. I love your nail art and was hoping to purchase some. Your nails are so beautiful and I was really looking forward to wearing them.

D: I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time for Etsy anymore ;-; My current job pays more than my nail shop, (plus Etsy takes quite a chunk out of profits…). BUT. I do have a set of Ravenclaw nails, so please email me and we can work something out :) jihyeleeart @ gmail.com

ov3rk1ll asked:
I found your "Set of 6 My Little Pony Phone Charms" on etsy yesterday. When checking back at the link today the entry was gone. Also your entire shop is gone. Is this only a temporary bug on etsy's side or did they or you delete your account?

Hello! Actually my shop is temporarily closed at the current moment, I have been considering closing it down for good since I’ve acquired a job and that’s been taking up all my time ^^; BUT. If I do re-open, I will post on Tumblr right away! :) Thank you for the interest!

Anonymous asked:
Your Etsy page has artificial nails for all Hogwarts houses but Slytherin! Will those be available soon?

Whoops! Apologies, Etsy doesn’t notify me when something goes out of stock :\ They have been relisted here!

charwieeetime IS THE WINNERRRR!!!
Thank you to everyone who entered, and don’t forget, the Year of the Dragon nails winner is announced tomorrow! See my Tumblr to enter!

@charwieeetime: Please contact me, as I can not get to the Ask box :\

Anonymous asked:
You don't sell the adhesives on your etsy anymore?

Grahhhh Esptsy needs to notify sellers when we run out of something :/ Thank you for letting me know and they are relistedK

cwithum asked:
I just want to tell you that your nail art is by far the absolute best I have ever seen!!! I'm in awe of your skills! I love the Harry Potter nail sets, especially the Tale of the Three Brothers set. I was wondering if you've ever done a set of fire nails, and if so, what do they look like? I tried to look through your custom sets, but for some reason, it won't show anything past page 2 :(

Thank you so much! (°ᗢ°)

Fire nails…? Erm…could you be more specific? Like…nails that just have flames on them?I think the closest I’ve done is the Fire Starter Pokemon set ^^;

Want just one? :) I’ve added a single-phone-charm option in my shop!

do-ky asked:
Hey! Will you be making my little pony friendship is magic nails?! And if so will they be for sale and shipped to maybe.. Australia ? :)

They are already in my shop! :)

And yes, I ship everywharrrr! :D

Oof. Sorry for the Dashboard spam, guys, but here are my new products! :D Purchase them now to have them delivered by tomorrow!
Keep all six ponies for yourself, or share them with your fellow bronies!
This charm is made of hard plastic with a thick coat of resin that gives it a lovely ‘raised glass’ look!
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Ahh, the lovely princesses of Ponyville!
This charm is made of hard plastic with a thick coat of resin that gives it a lovely ‘raised glass’ look!
Buy one HERE!

This charm is made of hard plastic with a thick coat of resin that gives it a lovely ‘raised glass’ look!
Buy one HERE!

♥ Happy Year of the Dragon! 
This set is sprinkled with emerald glitter, and features a 3d nail art orb in the dragon’s claw! The kanji for ‘dragon’ is also written in a dazzling silver polish!
Us dragons are supposed to have a lucky year this year (which I could use since I’m graduating TᗢT), so maybe a dragon will win this giveaway? 
The rules are as follows:
Winner announced on 1.30.2012!



What have I done.

Bless the internet. Belle (x2), Ariel, Meg… obviously we need to make a determined effort to make sure all of the Disney Ladies join the Nigel party

I’m dead.



"No Gir……………NEVER."



Is it just my computer or does the image not get bigger..?

? D: The image should be a click-through, so it should show you the bigger image? Just in case: